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About us

Plumatour was founded in 2002 and according to the owner, Pluma means ” luxury coach and travel with comfort ”.

Our main activity is the transport service to Switzerland. However, we also organize excursions, we do bus rental for tourism and occasional service, school transport and we take care of the transport of all kinds of goods. Our fleet consists of buses with capacity of 75, 51, 29, 17 and 9 seats.

We connect from Portugal to Switzerland every Tuesday and Saturday and depart from Switzerland to Portugal every Tuesday and Friday.

The PlumaPneus was founded in 2009 and came up with the need to have tires due to the constant purchase of vehicles.

We have a local service van available.


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  • Adress: Lugar do Ramalhão, s/n 5000-082 Constantim, Vila Real
  • Phone: 961 564 909 / 259 331 081
  • Email:
  • Fax: 259 470 013